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Online Doctors Consultations and Appointments 

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Bring Care to Your Home With One Click

To avoid adverse health conditions later, Doczz came up with online consultations for people who couldn’t reach the hospital. At this time, it is even more essential to get an experts consultation to keep ourselves healthy. Taking precautions is always the right choice not only for you but also for your family members.







Advantages of Adopting Cloud-Based Applications in Health

The benefits of using DOCZZ App are:

Get quick second opinion on important healthcare decisions.

Save time and escape traffic jams

Skip the inconvenience of going to & waiting for minor illnesses at hospitals

Get first hand online consultation & advice from a qualified

Health Forum

  • Ask Query To Qualified Doctors
  • Get Your Solution
  • Search Queries
  • Category based Question


  • Health Related Articles
  • Health Tips
  • Doctors Publication
  • Medical Bulletins

Mobile App

  • Faster Performance
  • Impressive UI/UX
  • Push Notifications
  • Ease of Accessibility


Why PValue DOCZZ

  • Patients Don’t Have to Wait Long Hours
  • No Location Boundaries
  • Get assistance anytime
  • Prompt Medical Attention
  • Improved ways to check your symptoms

Features of DOCZZ

Search Hospital & Doctors

Realtime Chat System Detailed

Detailed Digital Prescriptions

Advanced Appointment System

Specialities and Service Management

Slot with Spaces Management

Technical Highlights

Our skill makes us different

Fast Loading Time
Most secured cloud server
Works with slow internet connection
Optimize Navigation Bar
Stronger Data Security
Responsive and user friendly interface

After Sales Support

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough for us. We try to provide our customers with the best experience they can have. For that, our after-sales services help us have a lasting image on our customers.

  • Highly Qualified Strong Technical Team
  • Real Time Online Support
  • Well Structured User Training
  • Priority based Problem Solving
  • Quick Response(1 hour TAT)
  • Low Abandonment Rate(ABA)
  • Live Chat Support

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