Reasons why traditional marketing is being overtaken by e-commerce sites

Each website is distinctive, built to meet a variety of requirements and goals, and e-commerce websites are no exception. An online store is specifically designed to get customers to make a transaction and get their credit cards out. You can get the impression that e-commerce is the golden standard of retail as you read the following list of e-commerce benefits for companies and consumers.

Here are 6 reasons why traditional markets are being overtaken by e-commerce sites.

  • You overcome the barrier of distance:

    If you have a normal store then you are limited to your city or to your local area but with a store that is on the internet, you have no place where your business or your website cant reach. An e-commerce service with the proper logistics, warehousing and courier service can deliver to more customers and in more places.

  • Never closing:

    An eCommerce website never closes like a normal shop or supermarket. It is available throughout every day of your life. Even if you order a product or groceries at 2 am in the morning, the product order will be taken and there’s a chance you might get the delivery the same day. 

  • Different types of subscription and discounts:

     There are so many cashback, coupons and discounts you get through an e-commerce website which you don’t get in a normal store. These discounts will get you the same products for a cheaper price and you also have a larger variety of things when you buy through e-commerce sites.

  • A larger variety of goods:

    Through an e-commerce site you get a larger variety of goods to purchase from unlike a supermarket. There provide you more varieties in different areas of the market. For example the baby care section, the food section, vegies, etc. This is all done through a mobile or laptop. The E-commerce sites also have an area which provides you comparisons between two products how are they different and which one will provide you with better use.
  • Understand the customer’s preferences through data:

    An e-commerce site can be viewed as a learning organism. Through data science, the website can understand a customer’s preferences, which products he is more likely to buy. This way, as soon as the customer logs in he finds it very easy to select and buy the products he needs to.

  • Easy look up:

    It is very easy to look up a product or filter the products according to its price, company, quantity etc. This helps the customer find exactly what he wants and is more satisfied than finding something relatively similar to the product.

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