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Internship Guidelines

 Definition of Internship 

Commitment to provide short-term supervised work experience in Digital Marketing, the programme will combine practical work experience with a structured learning experience through specific briefs aimed at achieving identified objectives.

Key Objectives

  • Attract and develop a future talent pool.  
  • Provide Interns with the opportunity to participate in areas of the PSPL current projects in order to gain work experience.  
  • Create an opportunity for professional development for students and recent graduates to gain experience and prepare themselves for the labour market 

Due consideration should be given to ensuring:

  • Interns are adequately supported to ensure excellence; 
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation are provided to ensure added value and enhancement
  • A positive experience for Interns

Internship conditions

  • Each Division will be restricted to a maximum of five Interns per batch to enable efficient and effective management of the programme.
  • Interns need to Pay a caution deposit of INR 3000 (Three Thousand Only) at the time of joining. It is fully refundable at the completion of the Programme. (The amount is subjected to deduction in case of unauthorised absence or violation of company policy or internship policy if any) 
  • PSPL will provide the internship Completion certificate to all successful participants free of cost. But if an intern needs the STED Certificate, he/she is liable to pay the fee for the same.  1499/-
  • Internships will be for a period of three months. The working hours will be 10 AM to 3.30 PM, Monday to Saturday. Interns may work for more or less than this period, subject to their work submission.
  • During the period of internship, full-time Interns will be allowed rest periods of one day a month (in addition to Sundays, Public holidays and Privilege days) which can be accrued but must be utilised before the end of the Internship period.
  • An Intern is not considered to be an employee of PValue Private Ltd.
  • No reports or papers may be published on the basis of information obtained by the Intern during the internship or after the period without the prior written consent of the Team Lead/ Manager


Obligations of the Intern

  • The Intern will demonstrate a willingness to participate fully and actively in the learning experience by planning their programme of work with their manager.
  • The intern will carry the requisite equipment (laptop) for the term of the Internship.
  • The Intern will participate in the introduction and orientation programme of PSPL
  • An Intern is required to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will not be detrimental to the image and standing of PSPL
  • PSPL reserves the right to terminate an internship without notice if the required standards of behaviour and code of conduct are not met.
  • An Intern is required to keep confidential all information including unpublished information made known to him/her during the period of Internship and must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing work.
  • At the end of the internship programme, with the assistance of his/her manager, the Intern will complete an evaluation and a report on his/her assignment which would feed into the final Internship evaluation report.
  • An Intern is required to discuss his/her progress regularly with his/her manager.
  • The Intern is required to work within the regulations and rules as applicable to them as per PSPL Policy. 

Obligations of PSPL

  • PSPL will provide the Intern with a conducive working environment and working space.
  • The Manager will review progress on performance and learning regularly, record such meetings and findings into the final Internship evaluation report. The Intern’s manager will forward the completed form to the higher authority.

Generic Preventive Measures/COVID-19

All Interns should follow the public health measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in office premises at all times:

  • The physical distancing of at least 6 feet to be followed as far as feasible 
  • Use of face covers/masks to be made mandatory.
  • Frequent handwashing with soap (for at least 40-60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty. Use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers (for at least 20 seconds) can be done wherever feasible.
  • Respiratory etiquettes to be strictly followed. This involves the strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues properly
  • Self-monitoring of health by all and reporting any illness at the earliest.
  • Spitting shall be strictly prohibited.
  • Installation & use of the Aarogya Setu App shall be advised wherever feasible
  • Bookkeeping (log, temperature, phone number, in time out time, place )